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How We Select Ingredients

Within the skincare and beauty industries, many terms are overused and unregulated. So, how do we select the ingredients that go into our formulas and how do we choose what to leave out? We use the best ingredients that nature has to offer and continually try to raise the bar for our formulas. We regularly reexamine how our ingredients are sourced, where they’re grown, and what is most effective for our skincare.

Using the International Standard

Unfortunately, the word “natural” does not have a single, accepted, and regulated definition across all countries so we use the international standard known as ISO 16128-1. At minimum, our ingredients must meet the criteria defined below for natural or derived natural ingredients and not be non-natural ingredients, which we consider to be synthetic ingredients.

Natural Ingredients Are...

“... cosmetic ingredients obtained only from plants, animals, micro-organisms or minerals…Derived natural ingredients are cosmetic ingredients of greater than 50% natural origin, by molecular weight, by renewable carbon content, or by any other relevant methods, obtained through defined chemical and/or biological processes with the intention of chemical modification…Non-natural ingredients are ingredients that are greater than or equal to 50% by molecular weight of fossil fuel origin.”

Read the full definition of ISO-16128-1 here.

But This is Just the Beginning

This definition is just the beginning for us. While all of our ingredients meet this standard, we are always aiming much higher. Whenever possible, we use ingredients that are:

✔️ Upcycled
✔️ Locally Sourced
✔️ Organic

Beyond this, our company is built on an ethos of giving. While we aim to take good care of our planet, we also try to help the people who live in it.

Naked Ingredients. Thriving Skin.