The Face Oil That’s Gone Hollywood

Oscar-winner and activist Mira Sorvino (56) shared her daily must-haves with People Magazine, and in addition to coffee and prayer, Sorvino can’t go without Detox Face Oil. Detox is designed to replenish skin while revealing a healthy-looking, glowy complexion. No wonder Sorvino always looks so radiant.

We’re big fans of hers, too. Sorvino won an Academy Award for her performance in Mighty Aphrodite (1995) and achieved a cult-following for her title role in Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion – a film we love for its themes of female empowerment and its iconic, enterprising besties. Thank you, Mira!

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“Try it yourself. I literally don’t see my lines anymore. Right now I’m sitting in a super highly bright lit room and I don’t have those lines.”


"Honestly amazing. Strangers comment on how healthy my skin looks. The oils give it a dewy soft look and feel. It is so light."


"It’s not leaving my skin oily, it does not clog my pores. This just gives me that glow. I did not know how much my skin needed this particular oil."


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