“I used this last night before bed and when I woke up I was kind of like ‘whoah’ why am I looking so fresh this morning? And it’s because of this oil.”
Ali B.

“It’s beautiful. With fair skin I am not a glowy person so I put this oil on in the morning and feel like I’m glowing and hydrated and my skin absorbs it all. It feels so nourished, it’s just a gift.”
Jess R.

“It smells so refreshing, it goes on really nice. You can see my skin is glowy, it’s radiant, it’s as repaired and nourished as it is clean. So it never strips away, it never feels dried out.”
 Bethany N.


  1. 5out of 5


    Helps bring out my glow
    I love the results of this oil but I don’t love the fragrance. To me it’s heavy on the lemongrass, which is one of my least favourite scents. That said, I’m going to keep using it because my skin feels great after applying and looks fantastic. I get so many compliments on my skin.
  2. 5out of 5


    Fabulous face oil
    This is the first time I have used this face oil and I highly recommend it. The only (minor) negative is that the scent is pretty strong, but not offensive.
  3. 5out of 5


    If if makes you feel good then it's worth every penny
    I love that this product has made my nighttime ritual stay on track. My face wakes up feeling so nourished and bright. It doesn't correct what nature has already started. But I sure do feel & look younger using it. Maybe it's just that good that it makes me feel that good
  4. 5out of 5


    M . B .
    I absolutely love the whole set . I would never be without it . Have travel size for travelling.
  5. 5out of 5

    Kim Mason

    Best ever
    I cannot believe what a difference naked and thriving has made to my skin. I decided to try illuminate face serum Renew face serum And prevent face oil. So many people have asked me lately what I am using. For the first time ever people are telling me how lovely my skin looks I had some red spots dry patches and spots that I had picked at- couldn’t help myself. I’m always on the look out for new products. I have learnt to not have high expectations As so many products have been used for a while then cast aside. However I’m amazed at the improvement in my skin I have been using these products for 3 weeks and my skin clarity has improved so much I’m reordering now. I have never ever been so impressed by any face serums or any skin products that I have felt the need to share with my fellow man until now. This is seriously amazing good stuff!! My expectations have been surpassed 100 fold plus. Sadly I left the lid off my face oil and spilt a lot of it. It was a very sad moment. The shipping was a bit slow but it’s seriously worth waiting for and Australia is a long way away. This stuff actually delivers. I am in awe and amazed. I’m wanting to try everything they make now I’ve had a red patch on my face for ? At least 2 years. It has almost gone. I’ve been telling all my friends. Fantastic I love the results.
  6. 5out of 5

    Susan Riesenberg

    Works really well
    I bought this hoping for good results and they turned out to be Great results. I love this product. Goes on smoothly and I wake up, in the morning, with much softer and smoother skin. I’m hooked!
  7. 5out of 5


    Moisturizing, Firming, and Zero Irritation!
    Having extremely sensitive eyes, finding an eye cream that doesn't make my eyes burn and tear has been a constant struggle. Seems like everything I've tried either were very irritating despite their claims of gentleness or didn't irritate my eyes, but didn't really do anything for the look of the skin around them either. Finally, an eye cream that actually smooths and depuffs my undereye area and is truly gentle enough for my ultra sensitive eyes! I and my eyes are beyond happy.
  8. 5out of 5


    Very much enjoying this product. I agree - love the glass bottle and the light, natural scent. A little goes a long way and leaves my skin feeling refreshed - not oily or heavy at all.
  9. 5out of 5


    Love this product
    After cleansing my skin I apply nightly and I have noticed a big improvement in my ageing skin. Thank you N&T
  10. 5out of 5

    Jan K

    I have been using this product nightly for the last 2 months and I definitely feel it has reduced aging signs around my eyes and mouth. I’m 56 y and I have repeatedly stated to my soulmate how happy I am that this product has helped my skin to be more vibrant and youthful. I only slightly modified my nightly routine so that I could incorporate this serum ( and the facial oil) and have since ordered more of this gentle yet effective product!
  11. 5out of 5


    Great product
    It was e best serum I have used so far...
  12. 5out of 5

    Susan Novak

    Noticeable difference
    I have been using for a few weeks and almost immediately noticed a difference in skin texture. Fine lines are less noticeable and skin is very soft. Great product.
  13. 5out of 5

    Heather Tatham

    I have sensitive skin - this va product is light and my skin drinks it in. my skin seems less red and smoother.
  14. 5out of 5


    Feels good, smells wonderful a little goes a long way. Worth the price
  15. 4out of 5

    Jen P

    Worth Purchasing
    I had melasma after kid number 1. This didn’t completely get rid of it but it definitely helped. Probably more than all the hydroquinone I was using prior. It helps my skin feel balanced and moisturized. Enough that I’m here and purchasing again so I think that says a lot about a product.
  16. 5out of 5


    So good
    I am so obsessed with this product. It smells so nice and really hydrates my skin, i wear it morning and night. Could be my favorite skin product right now.
  17. 5out of 5


    Excellent product
    I am really pleased with the difference on my skin surface using this night serum several nights a week. I’m in my mid 60s and I’ve always taken care of my skin, it’s worth the extra step.
  18. 5out of 5

    Claire Youmans

    I feel protected
    I feel protected with this serum on my face. I like the way it goes on and the way it feels.
  19. 5out of 5

    Claire Youmans

    Smells great
    I like the way it feels and smells. The scent is wonderful!
  20. 5out of 5

    morgen wysoski

    Love !
    I absolutely love this product… it feels so amazing on the skin and it smells wonderful! I will definitely continue to buy this product and others in this line.
  21. 5out of 5


    I read every day recommendations by many dermatologists and I wanted to try this mirracle. I didn't notice anything. At all. I tried one mini size, it lasted several weeks. Nothing. It was the night serum.
  22. 5out of 5


    Best product I have ever used
  23. 4out of 5

    Katy Ezzell

    Amazing liquid! Breaks easily!
    I love this oil! I bought the large size and got the travel one as well for free. I noticed a difference in a few days. However, I have three kids on top of I'm prone to dropping things myself. This does not hold up if you drop it. Many of the ordinary bottles can take a few drops. These guys are one and done lol. I've broke both bottles in the last week. Once my husband knocked over and I just now dropped the travel one. My fault completely on both and will still buy, just want to forewarn any one like me to be extra careful bc your liquid gold is super fragile! 😭😭 but buy for real lol
  24. 5out of 5

    Cherry Byrns

    This is my daily go to. My skin was ravaged & sooo dry from chemo. I can’t tell you how much this product helped. I’ll never change. Love it!
  25. 5out of 5


    These products have helped reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dry skin....people cannot guess my real age, in fact, so I am quite pleased. My skin absorbs both products quickly and leaves eveything smooth and hydrated...very pleasent to use. The serum is mild and does not irritate my skin at all. The oil never leaves any residue behind (like other products) so for daytime use you can apply a SPF make-up over without it "pilling".
  26. 5out of 5

    Julie Brons

    Revive Firming Eye Cream
    I adore this product. It is light but very moisturizing, its divine! This must be my all-time favorite eye cream. Thank you Naked & Thriving!
  27. 5out of 5

    Pam Helmly

    Great eye cream
    I really like this eye cream. I use it twice a day even though it suggests once daily. It feels so good and does not "melt" like others and run into your eyes. I find that my eye area is so much healthier using this cream. I don't know much about the firming qualities as I am always looking for moisture! This is a great product and I will certainly order again! Thank you Naked and Thriving!
  28. 5out of 5

    Pam Helmly

    Amazing Oil
    I have never used an oil on my face unless it was part of another product. I truly think that it is transforming my very dry skin. At 60 years old I need all the help that I get. I have found that using the Renew Serum, followed by the eye cream and then oil is great for my skin. I actually put the oil all over my body! Love this stuff! Thank you Naked and Thriving!
  29. 5out of 5

    Deborah Lynn Porter

    Love This Face Serum!
    The Illuminate BC Face Serum is great! I used the travel size first to see how I would like it and it turns out I love it. It goes on smooth and is not oily or greasy. I can see a definite improvement in my face already. I have found my face serum for life!
  30. 5out of 5

    Amelia R

    Beautiful face oil!
    Love this oil! It's not greasy and I see the difference in my skin and my skin completely absorbs it! You can easily apply moisturiser and make up which is not always the case with face oils! Highly recommended!!
  31. 4out of 5

    Lynne Reis-Napier

    The Perfect Name - Rejuvenate!
    I can tell the moment I apply this that it's "doing its thing" and that's a good thing! I am noticing an improvement in texture and fine lines becoming minimal. I look forward to future results. The 4 star is because it's so darn expensive for me 🙁 but I'll order when I can.
  32. 4out of 5

    Lynne Reis-Napier

    Love This Seru,
    This is such a pleasant serum to use. I love the feeling after applying and I am definitely noticing a difference in the texture of my skin. The only reason I put a 4 star instead of a 5 is that it's just really hard to afford with my budget, but I'll buy when I can!
  33. 5out of 5


    Happy with results so far!
    I've only used the Renew serum and the oil for 3 days and I can already see and feel a difference!
  34. 5out of 5


    Airport took my bottle
    I was half way through the bottle and the belt check in guy confiscated my bottle. Made no sense since it was fine at another airport. Going to definitely order again, loved the exfoliating cleanser. Miss it in my routine.
  35. 5out of 5


    Love ❤️ ❤️❤️
    The lines on my forehead have smoothed! I use every night after my shower! I love this product!
  36. 5out of 5

    Amelia R

    Beautiful serum!
    Wonderful serum I alternate with the Prevent anti ageing each day. You can wear under your moisturiser, and makeup, it's not too oily but perfectly light and the skin drinks it! Highly recommended!!
  37. 5out of 5

    Amelia R

    Highly recommended!
    My skin feels softer, brighter and plumper with this serum! It is not heavy and the skin really drinks it. A++++
  38. 5out of 5


    Great product
    I’ve been using this product for months. I use 3x weekly and my skin feels amazing and looks radiant!
  39. 5out of 5


    This serum is simply amazing. It absorbs quickly, does not irritate and you will soon see results. I also support the messaging from this company. Win, win.
  40. 1out of 5


    No change noticed
    I tried two products based on other's reviews, but I have to say that I did not notice any difference in my skin at all. Everyone has different skin/skin care regimen so my experience may be due to the fact that I have always taken good care of my skin so it continues to be soft, moisturized and never dried out, and wrinkles are not too pronounced on this 65 yo face. I did not re-purchase the items since what I had been using previously is doing a great job.
  41. 5out of 5

    Susie Bishop

    Finally found a moisturiser that doesn’t bring me out in spots…not a good look in your fifties!! It absorbs well, smells lovely and any slight remains left on my hands I run through my hair, which is also benefiting from this daily luxury. Would definitely recommend.
  42. 5out of 5

    Lesley Hopkins

    My skin loves this
    I tend to mix my skin care with good quality natural based moisturisers , serums and oils .. This is a welcome addition to my skin care routine Alongwith the oil once the serum has sunk in.. skin feels toned . Fine lines softened and a lovely fresh natural glow . Smells pretty nice too ..
  43. 5out of 5

    Jane from Maine

    Non-Drying but Powerful
    I like this cleanser. I use it every day and it does a great job of cleaning my skin well without drying it out. It prepares my skin for the rest of my routine.
  44. 4out of 5

    Catherine McDonald

    Great serum
    Been using for a month. Skin softer and smoother.
  45. 4out of 5

    Catherine McDonald

    Great serum
    Been using for a month. Skin softer and smoother.
  46. 4out of 5

    María Macra

    Light skin in the morning
    Thé following morning m’y skin is clearer and shiny Can’t say what happens in thé long term yet
  47. 5out of 5

    Francine Robertson

    Night Set
    Love, love, love it! Skin feels so hydrated and supple. Thank you for this amazing duo.
  48. 5out of 5

    Trethanna Trevarthen

    Gorgeous Product
    I’ve tried face oils before and they always gave me spots. This one does not. It feels amazing and smells amazing. My face loves it. I also love the fact it comes in glass. Brilliant product.
  49. 5out of 5

    TeresaAnn Curreri

    It Worked wonders for me
    At 48, I started to see some significant changed in my skin and not for the better. I've been using this product consistently for over a month and notice a difference in dark patches, oil deposits, and texture of my skin. I love it, I feel younger and am so very happy that I found this company and product. I'm a believer and tell everyone I know.
  50. 5out of 5


    Naked and Thriving Renew and Protect
    Been using it close to a year, and I love it. I can see a difference in my skin and feel a difference. I decided to buy the Protect for the am, and I love it as well. I'm bet pleased with the quality of the products and the price. The whole process was easy. Love it!!

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